About Rig Runner

Rig Runner, Inc. (MC429418; DOT1014498) was established as a specialized carrier in March 2002.

Rig Runner is operating approximately 210 tractors in 7 Terminals.  The tractor fleet includes both owner-operators under long term lease and company owned units.  3-axle and 4-axle trucks are included to provide versatility depending on each load’s requirements.

Terminals include:

CA – Bakersfield

OK – Oklahoma City

TX – Alice

TX – Houston (Corporate Office)

TX – Kilgore

TX – Odessa

WY – Casper

Rig Runner, Inc., trailer fleet includes flatbeds, single drops, double drops, and a wide assortment of multi-axle lowboys.  Axle configurations range from normal 5-axle 18 wheeler’s to 13-axle lowboy.  We can provide deck lengths up to 70 to 90 feet for the 13-axle trailers.  Stretch flatbeds, stretch single drops, and stretch lowboys are also included in the trailer fleet.   There are also two 6-axle steering dollies to accommodate commodities of extraordinary length.

Rig Runner has a very experienced staff that has over 100 years of operational experience in Specialized Trucking.  Commodities hauled include Power Control Buildings, Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Cranes, Structural Steel, Turbines, Rotors, Transformers, Concrete Bridge Girders and mobile construction equipment.   Depending on commodity dimensions and destination, maximum payload is approximately 175,000 lbs.

Rig Runner corporate headquarters are located in Houston, TX.  Our service area is  from Texas to all 48 states.  We also offer local and regional service in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.


Rig Runner’s mission is to be a nationally renowned logistics and trucking company offering our clients and partners reliable, specialized trucking services with safety and efficiency as our foremost priorities.


Rig Runner’s vision is to be a world-class, customer-focused business through our total commitment to quality in our employees, systems, and services. Our results-driven strategies for success will draw from the initiative and talent of our people to provide value-added solutions to the relentless challenges of our industry.


  • Customers & Vendors: Our first responsibility is to our customers and all others who rely on us to provide services. We strive to meet their needs through high quality service, reasonable price offerings, and profit potential.
  • Employees: We are and will always be responsible to our employees, all of whom have made possible the company’s success. We respect individuality and recognize merit in order to preserve a secure work environment and sustain our competitive advantage in the industry.
  • Community: We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work and to the global community as well. We honor our communities by supporting good and charitable works, organizations, and initiatives. We encourage civic improvements and maintain in good order the properties we are privileged to use. We employ safe practices to protect the environment and the sustainability of our natural resources.
  • Shareholders: Our final responsibility is to our Shareholders. Innovation, creativity, and initiative are the cornerstones for our growth and the achievement of company objectives. With preparation for industry challenges and the achievement of each new milestone of success, we continue to provide our Shareholders a fair return on investments.